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I made a tatami room

'19年11月27日  Hotel Introduction

This time, I put a tatami in a part of the Lounge and put a kotatsu. Lake Kawaguchi will become colder and colder from now on. Please warm warm with a kotatsu.

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Highly rated by agoda!

'19年08月28日  Untitled

This time, adgoda gave us a high rating of 9.1 in the "2019.customer review awarads" based on customer reviews and a shield of that proof. Going forward, we will continue to strive for a capsule Hotel that will be loved by everyone.

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Good weather.

'19年06月16日  Untitled

last Sunday The storm is like a lie now Sunday It is fine weather. Fuji Mountain It looks good too. Great Fuji-Q Highland Sunday It is a sum.

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During the Fuji Shiba Sakura Festival

'19年04月22日  Area information

Annual Fuji Shibazakura festival is 5 Month 26 Sunday is being held up. This Sunday flowering situation is a 5-minute bloom. The road to the venue is very congested. Please come in with time. The present Sunday state of ↓

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Fuji Mountain this morning

'19年04月14日  Fujisan

It is Fuji Mountain this morning. I was wearing an umbrella cloud.

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"Fuji Yuu" service start!

'19年03月16日  Area information

This Sunday 3 Month 16 Sunday , Kawaguchiko Station connecting from to Shinjuku, limited express "Fuji excursion" is we start the service. It is very convenient for those coming Depart from Tokyo , so please use if you come to Fuji-Q Highland or Lake Kawaguchi.

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I placed the origami

'19年03月07日  Hotel Introduction


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We have gained a high reputation for your generosity

'19年02月18日  Hotel Introduction

I got a certificate sent to the facility with a high rating at the booking site reviews. We will continue to strive to maintain high evaluation in the future.

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I created an in-house guide movie

'19年02月06日  Hotel Introduction


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Easy wine hall popular on the net! !

'19年02月05日  Gourmet

お手軽ワイン館さん、ご存知ですか?輸入ワインを中心にワイン専門のネット通販をおこなっており ・楽天市場 ・Amazon ・Yahooショッピング ・自社サイト     4店舗を展開されてます。倉庫でのワイン... 

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