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We will introduce the surrounding tourist information. Train and bus services are convenient from the hotel.

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Within walking distance from our hotel

La ville de Gaspard et Lisa (Lisa and Gaspard Town)

It takes about 10 minutes on foot through Fujikyu Highland

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Benefits for guests only

Fujiyama Onsen
Fuji-Q Highland inn with a free pass Days of Stay Plan in your use
Priority entry to Fuji-Q Highland (15 minutes ago)

Capsule hotel so much deals! Let's sightseebly!
Guests can use the following benefits.

(The following coupons will be handed over at the hotel reception.Please come to the hotel front desk once.)

  1. ① Utilize Fuji-Q Highland Free Passed Plan to Fuji-Q HighlandPriority entry (15 minutes ago)
  2. ② Fuji-Q HighlandFree Pass Discount Benefits
  3. ③ Fuji-Q HighlandSkate run free(Paid for rent shoes)
  4. ④ During the stayLuggage storage free
  5. ⑤ Fuji MountainSPA discountBenefits
  6. ⑥ Tie-up information with neighboring tenants

※ Guests going to Fuji-Q Highland on check-in date, please come to the hotel once.
※ Please ask the front desk for details.

· Various usage fees of Fuji-Q Highland are subject to change without notice.
For more informationFuji-Q Highland's website ( confirm.
・Please check the closing days and attraction closing days in advance
・Attractions of Fuji-Q Highland have limitations such as age and height.Please check limitations and make a reservation.
· Although you can admission 15 minutes before, the operation of the attraction will be from the normal opening time.

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