Accommodation in Fuji-Q Highland Free Pass Ticket, so much deals!

If you stay at Fujikyu Highland and stay at home!


Grand Opening on 27th April 2017 !!
"Highland Station Inn"

  • It's a 3-minute walk to Fujikyu Highland, so you can go for fun as soon as you wake up in the morning!
  • The capsule type guest room is 120 cm wide mattress so you can relax yourself by yourself.
  • In addition, convenience stores, karaoke and family restaurants are also available so feel free to enjoy staying!


Because it is an official hotel, it is packed with privilege of accommodation possible!

Fuji-Q Highland Free Path Plan available

Fujikyu Highland Free Path
Discount benefits

During the stay
Luggage storage free

Fujiyama Museum
Free entrance

Tie-up benefits available with neighboring tenants

  • チェックイン日に富士急ハイランドをご利用のお客様は一度ホテルまでお越しくださいませ。朝7:00から入園券をお渡しできます。
  • Please ask the front desk for details.
Low-price promise

The accommodation fee provided on the official website is "lowest price" than any booking site!


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